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"26. Motorrad - FERNREISE - Treffen" Fr, 16. - So, 18.April.2004
bekannt auch als "Tesch - Travel - Treffen"

In Malmedy/Belgien. Max 300 Teilnehmer. Details und Anmeldung hier !

Wir sprechen über weltweite Reisen in allen Kontinenten. Aber haben zusätzlich jährlich wechselnde Schwerpunkte:
In 2004 "Afrika-Motorrad-Reisen" UND "Frauen-Motorrad-Reisen". Daher bitte ich auch alle "Afrika-Fahrer" und besonders "Frauen-Weitreisenden" zu kommen !


"26th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" Fr, 16th - Su,18th 04.2004
well known also as "Tesch - Travel - Treffen"

in Malmedy/Belgium. Max 300 participants. Details and booking here !

We speak about worldwide travels in all continents. But we have additional yearly changing main subjects :
In 2004 "Africa Motorcycling" AND "Women Motorcycle Travels"


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Both Americas Motorcycle - Travels / Reisen / Adventures
Süd- + Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen

Alaska > Tierra Del Fuego(Southern tip of South America) + Tierra Del Fuego > Alaska
= Alaska-Feuerland  Motorrad-Reisen

Anmerkung zu Alaska-Feuerland Motorrad-Touren :
Die erste mir bekannte Motorrad-Reise "Alaska-Feuerland" wurde 1952-54 von den Franzosen Michel le Clerc und Jean Claude Bois (Siehe "Clerc") unternommen. Jedoch wurde das "Darien Gap" umschifft. Birger Lövgren (Siehe "Lövgren") schaffte die Strecke von New York (USA) bis nach Feuerland 10-1958 bis 06-1959, wobei er als erster alleine das Darien Gap ohne Motorrad durchquerte. Somit war Danny Liska der erste, der die Strecke Alaska-Feuerland wirklich ganz, allerdings das "Darien Gap" per Kanu, mit dem Motorrad, bereist hat. Ob es jemanden gibt, der vorher die ganze Strecke mit dem Rucksack bereist hat, weiß ich nicht. Ed Culberson (Siehe "Culberson") hat die gesamte Strecke als erster ganz mit dem Motorrad in Nord- Südrichtung bereist. Der Norweger Helge Pedersen hat als erster die gesamte Strecke in Süd-Nordrichtung durchreist.

Bernd Tesch has been working in this field since 1970. In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the World-Around-Travellers to get contact / informations. Later Fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA, in 1999 / 2000 in Australia and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). Many of  famous South-America  Motorcycle Travellers have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. I own the largest archive of  Alasca-TIerra Del Fuego Mc-Travellers. It is very hard to find informations about the history: "North - to South travels by Motorcycle-Travellers". Do you know motorcycle-travellers bewteen 1900-1950 ??

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Alaska-Feuerland". All books about "Alakca-Tierrea del Fuego" which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. DM 38.90). I own all this books in all languages.

If there is shown "Book:" under the traveller and you want to read / order this you can check if it is still available: > > German / English version > Bestelliste or > Order. If you find this book there you can order it. I offer about 200 international available Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books for sale.

If you are a "Alaska to TIerra Del Fuego" Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know any one who is not listed here: Please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

PLEASE give me at first YOUR omplete view like this EXAMPLE in the SAME STYLE and format in English:

01.10.1980 - 27.10.82
Müller, Sven (German)   your http://www.???
Solo South-America with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Rode with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
Purpose of Travel: ???
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:....
Book or publication (about your tour):..???.

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this level. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language. At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations.

Bernd Tesch

This collection just have started. Will be continued. Please give me your view of  YOUR Motorcycle-Tour !

Both Americas Motorcycle - Travels / Reisen / Adventures
Süd- + Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen

Alaska > Tierra Del Fuego(Southern tip of South America) + Tierra Del Fuego > Alaska
= Alaska-Feuerland  Motorrad-Reisen

Plan or experience? You can talk with 300 high experienced Motorcycle-Travellers who rode all continents so far :

All the great Motorcycle-Travellers who rode / ride Around-The-World and possibly crossed this continents as well are not included here. For this see > >Englisch or German version >continents >world

10-20 billion (= Millarden) years ago
The universe started to exist somehow.

4.5 billion years ago
The Sun and Earth were created. The earth is one of nine big planets of the sun. Possibly out of change of gravity in the universe it was caused that dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Finally becoming big rocks which attracted each other to big planets. Most of them were attracted by the biggest part which is the sun. The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circle around the sun. All of the men / women who have been in satelits speak about the "blue planet earth" because about 70 % of the earth is water.

1 billion years ago
First signs of life on the earth.

25.000 years ago
The "homo sapiens" exists.

Ca. 16.000 - 8.000
Deutsch: Für die Frage, wie die ersten Menschen nach Nord-, Mittel- und Süd-Amerika kamen, gibt es drei Theorien mit jeweilgen Beweisen:

1. Mit Booten fuhren die Menschen von Asien entlang der Küste - Behringstrasse entlang der Westküste N-Amerikas bis nach S-Amerika.
2. Europäer kamen über den Atlantik nach N-Amerika.
3. Die Klobis-Menschen wanderten zu Fuß über die Behringstrasse ein und besiedelten N- und S-Amerika.

vor 16.000
zu 1. Mit Booten fuhren die Menschen von Asien entlang der Küste - Behringstrasse entlang der Westküste N-Amerikas bis nach S-Amerika.
Diese Theorie geht davon aus, daß die Menschen an der Küste alles hatten, was sie brauchten: Wasser und Nahrung auch durch Tiere. Man geht davon aus, daß Menschen schon seit 45.000 Jahren Netze bauen konnten, mit denen sie auch an Land Fallen bauen konnten ohne beim Fang z.B. gefährlicher Großtiere dabei zu sein. Kaum Beweise.

16.000 - 13.000

zu 2. Europäer kamen über den Atlantik nach N-Amerika.
Diese Theorie geht davon aus, daß die Menschen über den Atlantik nach N-Amerika kamen und von dort aus N- und S-Amerika besiedelten. Zu dieser Eiszeit waren große Wassermassen der Meere an den Polen und deren weiten Kappen durch Eis gebunden. Der Meeresspiegel soll ca. 130 m niedriger gewesen sein. Es bestand eine Landbrücke zwischen Asien und S-Amerika.
Im Museo Nacionale vo Rio de Janeiro / Brasilien befindet sich der "älteste Menschenschädel (?)" von N- und S-Amerika. Die Frau "Lusia" wurde 1 Stunde südlich von Rio de Janeiro gefunden. Ihr Schädel soll 13.-14.000 Jahre alt sein.
Am Amazos gibt es eine Höhle, in der Felszeichnungen von ca. 13.000 sind. Dieses sind die ältesten Höhlenzeichnungen von ganz Amerika.
Diese Menschen waren vom Skelett völlig verschieden von den in Amerika gefundenen Klobis-Menschen. Sie haben eher die Ähnlichkeit von Skeletten von Afrika oder Australien.

zu 3. Die Klobis-Menschen wanderten zu Fuß über die Behringstrasse ein und besiedelten N- und S-Amerika.
Diese Theorie geht davon aus, daß die Menschen nach dem Ende der Eiszeit vor 8.000 Jahren von Asien über die Behringstrasse über die zurückgegangenen Eismassen im Norden von N-Amerika nach N- und S- Amerika einwanderten. Der Name "Klobis" jommt von einer Fundstätte der "ersten Menschen N-Amerikas (?)" in New Mexico ca. vor 8.000 Jahren. Nach dieser Theorie haben sich in wenigen Jahrhunderten die Menschen bis nach Feuerland ausgebreitet. Die Klobis-Kultur umfaßte die Herstellung von Steinwerkzeugen wie Speilspitzen aus Feuerstein.

B.T.: Diese Informationen über den letzten Stand der Frühgeschichte der Menschen Amerikas stammen wesentlich aus einem TV-ZDF-Film am 28.10.2001. Danach sollte der in N-Amerika gefundene "Klobis-Mensch und die Klobis-Kultur" der äteste Mensch von ganz Amerika sein. Nach den Funden von "Lusia" in S-Amerika dürfte diese Theorie aber hinfällig sein. Im Film wurde angemerkt, daß die Kenntnisse von S-Amerika in N-Amerika kaum zur Kenntnis genommen werden.

First Motorcycle (called Motor - Rad) from Gottlieb Daimler
1 - Zyl. Viertakt - Motor. 264 ccm. 0,5 PS (0,37 kw). Max 12 km/Std.

Heinrich and Wilhelm Hildebrand and Alois Wolfmüller found the first Motorcycle-Fabric.
Until 1896 they build more than 1000 Motorcycles: Wassergekühlter 2 - Zyl. Viertakt - Motor. 1488 ccm. 2,5 PS (1,85 kw). Ca. 40 km/h. Glührohrzündanlage.

1900 - 1952
To find the earliest Motorcycle-Travellers  in South America is very hard. I tried this many years. If you have any infomations about these I would be very grateful for informations.

25.07.1952 - 04.06.1954
Bois, Jean-Claude and Michel Le Clerc (French)
North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. Jean Claude and Michel rode with Lambretta - scooters: 62.000 kms. Außerdem 39.000 km mit Flugzeugen und ca. 15.000 km mit Schiffen. Jean Claude und Michel fuhren auf 2 Lambretta-Rollern AGF, 125 ccm als erste Motorrad-Fahrer die Route Alaska-Feuerland Route, wobei sie das Darien-Gap umschifften.Sie haben 3 erste Landübergänge mit Motor Rollern geschafft : Mexiko - Guatemala, Costa Rica-Panama und auf Feuerland Lago Fagnano-Ushuaia. In Bolivien haben sie den ersten Höhen-Weltrekord für Roller aufgestellt : 5300 m über dem Meeresspiegel.
Route: USA - Kanada - Alaska bis zum Polarkreis - Mexiko - Guatemala - Costa Rica - Panama - Kolumbien - Ekuador - Peru - Bolivien - Chile - Argentinien - Patagonien - Feuerland - Uruguay und Brasilien.
The Worst: On the last day of their travel all their eight orignal films have been stolen. This was even worst because the profession of Jean Claude was a film-maker.
Book: La Grande echappée. Les trois Ameriques en scooter. Deutsch : Die Große Etappe. Die 3 Amerikas: (Nord, Mittel, Süd) auf Rollern. (French 1955).
Book in German: Die große Spritztour (German edition 1955. As paperback in 1956).
10.01.1988 Bernd Tesch phoned with Jean Claude.
15.10.1992 (40 years after his travel) Jean Claude visited Bernd Tesch in Aachen
1998 Patricia and I tried to see the real French mc-pioneer Jean-Claude Bois in South of France again. Jean - Claude was not at home and his neighbours had not seen him for weeks. I wanted to stay at least in his small village for a coffee - time in a nice restaurant to get an impression what makes a French mc-pioneer to travel out of his small village for such a big tour. Nobody of the neighbours we met knew something about his great trip. Finally I left a short letter saying him that we would love to have met him and asked him to give me his new address. I know that Jean - Claude would have given us a good welcome.
1999 Jean Claude wrote me that he is living in Paris now. In 1999 Jean Claude died. NO Motorcycle Magazine published something about the death about this pioneer!!
B.T.: The first tour Alaska - Tierra del Fuego with motorcycles / scooters.

Reise-Bericht. Nord-Amerika. Süd-Amerika. 1960.
Winter, Siegfried Martin (German)
"Mit 600 Kubik durch beide Amerika".
Siegfried wanderte nach dem ersten Weltkrieg nach Argentinien aus. Mit 65, 1958, machte er eine Solo-Reise mit Schreibmaschine durch Süd- und Nord-Amerika mit einer langen BMW-Isetta: 50.123 km in 357 Tagen, davon 44 Ruhetage mit dem Fahrzeug. 218 S. 221 S. 21 cm H x 13 B. Hardcover.
Strecke: Argentinien (Buenos Aires) - Chile - Peru - Equador - Kolumbien -(Medellin - Catagena) - mit Schiff nach Costa Rica (Puntarenas) - ganz Mittelamerika Entlang der PAN AM bis Mexico (City) an der Küste bis USA (San Francisco - Seattle - Canada (Jasper) - USA (bis New York).
Verlag: Buch von Brockhaus. Wiesbaden. 1960.
24.04.96 Erste Info von Norbert Lüdke. Besitzt dieses Buch nicht.
30.04.96 Elke Reher gebeten das Buch rauszusuchen.
14.08.96 Info von Elke Reher. In DB Deutsche Bibliographie 1956-60 nachgewiesen.
08.09.96 Erhalten über TH Bibliothek durch Malik . MA 641.
21.10.02 1st information by Michael Schulze who owns the book double.
- O.

10.1958 - 06.1959
Lövgren, Birger Dr. (Swedish)
North - and South-America. USA-Ushuaia. While Birger was making his doctor in mathematics in New York in 1957 had the idea to travel to South-America with a Swedish Husquarna (225 ccm, 125 kg, Silver Arrow) from Utica (USA) to Ushuaia. From Capitana (Panama) he crossed "Darien Gap" by a canoe with three paid Cuna-Indians later Choco-Indians. The motorcycle he shipped from Panama to Colombia. Everybody before thought that you can only cross the Darien-Gap with an armed expedition.
Route: New York (USA) - New Orleans - Mexico City (Mexiko) - Guatemala - San Salvador - Tegucigalpa (Honduras) - Managua (Nicaragua) - San Jose (Costa Rica) - Panama - zu Fuß und mit Kanus durchs Darien Gap - Turbo (5 weeks to croass Darien-Gap by feet, Kolumbien) - Bogota - Guayaquil (Equador) - Lima (Peru) - La Paz (Bolivien) - Buenos Aires (Argentinien) - Ushuaia.
Book: Bland vralapor och djungelindianer Med motorcykel och machete frän New York till Eldslandet (Swedish, 1960). Blandt Broeleaber og jungleindianere (Swedish). Med motorcykel og machete fra New York til Ildlandet (Danish, 1961). Brant Brölaper og Jungelindianere (Norwegian, 1961). Mölyapinoita ja viidakkointiaaneja (Finish, 1961).Among Jungle Indians (English, 1962). Parmi les singes hurleurs et les Indiens de la jungle (French, 1965)
1994 1st conract by letter.
B.T.: Birger is the first Motorcycle-Traveller starting in North-America, Central-America and crossing South America including travelling through the Darein-Gap.

1959 - 08.1961
Liska, Danny (American)
North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. Danny rode with a BMW R 60 the Panam in total (and many routes aside): 32.000 kms. His "motorcycle love affair" started already with 16 years riding a Harley Davidson from 1936. After one year travelling in North-America Danny shipped his motorcycle from Panama to Medellin (Colombia). But he wanted to travel the whole distance Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. So he crossed the Darien-Gap (130 kms) by the help of Cuna- und Choco- Indians with canoes and by walking.
He left his Motorcycle in Ushuia and rode it back in 1963 to North-America.
Route: Alaska - Tierre Del Fuego (arrived 08.1961). Die kürzeste Verbindung vom "Artic Circle" bis Feuerland ist ca. 20.000 miles (32.000 km). Danny fuhr 65.000 miles (104.000 km). Wenn das "Darien Gap" als Straße fertig wäre, würde die kürzeste Verbindung "Panama Ushuaia" 7.360 miles (11.716 km) sein.
Backroute: Uruguay - Paraguay - Brasil - North-America.
Book: Two wheels to adventure. Alaska to Argentina by motorcycle (English, 1990, 762 pages).
Dos Ruedas a la Aventura (Spanish, 1995).
B.T.: Danny Liskas 95.000 miles Reise entlang der PAN AM ist im Guinessbuch unter "motorcycle facts and feats" festgehalten. The first overland journey from Alaska to Argentina including Darien-Gap without Motorcycle.
Im September 1963 startete Danny von Hamburg aus mit einer von BMW R 60, "Nordkap-Capetown" in 18 Monaten.
Amerika und Deutschland jeweils halb sponserten seine BMW R 60 um vom Nordkap bis nach Capetown zu fahren. Mit einem Schiff fuhr er von dort nach Boston (USA) zurück. Von hier fuhr er ab Dezember 1964 durch bittere Kälte nach Nebraska zurück. Über diese Reise hat Danny ein Buch geschrieben, daß aber bis in 2000 noch nicht publiziert wurde. Danny ist bereits verstorben, aber seine Frau will das Buch in 2001 noch publizieren

Pitt, John (Canadian)
Ed Culberson wrote: An artikel of the Canadian John Pitt in the Motorcycle-Magazin Cycle "The Long Tour" motivated pushed me even more to ride Aslaska-Tierra del Fuego including Darien Gap. John has been 64 years in 1975 and rode Aslaka - Tierra del Fuego but not the Darien Gap..

1979 - 1982
Gouron, Georges (French, born 28.10.1944) http://www.??
USA - Mexicio - Bolivia - Mexico. Bought a new Suzuki GT 750 end of 1978. In September we flew to San Francisco (USA) and rode down California to Mexico. In Guadalajara I joined with Patrick who was coming from Canada with his Honda 750 and we travelled together. We did a grand tour of Mexico then went to Belice. Got stuck for 2 weeks in Belice City thanks to the flood. Eventually we managed to ride and waddle through to reach the border with Guatemala. At the border I checked the oil. Gosh it was a paste ! So I changed it before we continued through mud to Tikal (Took us more than one hour for the last 4 km). People there got excited. They were stuck since 10 days and thought the road was reopened. But when they saw our bikes covered in mud they just sigh ! But Tikal was just worse the trouble. More mud was waiting for us before geaching Guatemala City. Went to Antigua, Lake Atitlan, etc . then passed into Salvador then in civil war. We pulled up the French flag to show we were not yankees otherwise we would have been shot. In town we were many times accosted by groups of tough people thinking we were American but we always talked our way out and often had drink with them once they understood their mistake. From Salvador to Honduras then Nicaragua also in civil war. In Granada we spent a good hour before convincing a young guy armed with a machine gun that we were not yankees and had nothing to do with them. Reluctantly he let us go but it was touch and go. Costa Rica was a relief then we rode to Panama through a deluge. From Panama we flew the bikes to Quito. Went down to Guayaquil where an earthquake shook us out of bed in the middle of the night. No damage for us or the bikes. Left Guayaquil for Peru, rode down the coast then up the Andes to Huaraz (fantastic scenery) down to the coast again and to Lima. Up the Andes to La Oroya (alt 4887m) and from there to Cuzco along the Andes. It was still the wet season and the dirt road was mud. It was slow going with lots of falls. The brakes were blocked by the mud so sometimes the falls were voultary, to avoid a greater fall down the Andes ! But we reached Cuzco where Patrick's Honda packed up. No parts in town nor in Lima neither in Bolivia. A general bought his bike so we split. Patrick continued by bus and I still with my Suzuki which was working perfectly. So we met at prearranged places. In La Paz (Bolivia) we saw that we could not go much further because money. So we started the trip back to Mexico. From there Patrick went back to Canada. I stayed a bout a year in Mexico, working in a hotel then sold the bike which had developed some problems and with the money went back by bus or hitchiking to Bolivia. Then flew back to Australia on the last day of my visa.
HIGHLIGHTS : Too many. In fact the whole trip.
THE WORSE (at the time, now one of the best memory): The scary moment in Nicaragua. The ride to Tikal and the ride through the muddy Andes
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges

03.10.1989 - 28.09.1990
Rosendo, Bernardino (= Cosi, Spanish, born 06.01.1963)
Around South America - Ushuaia - Alaska - New York. "Cosi" rode solo his "Transamérica Expedition" with a Cagiva T4 350 E. (Sponsored by Cagiva Italy and spanish dealers). 55.000 km in total in one year. Starting in Venezuela and finishing in USA.
Route: Spain - "Cosi" and his motorcycle by ship to South America - one stop of 36 hours in the Dominique Republic - by motorcycle from Venezuela (port of La Guaira) - Brazil (Boavista; "Transamazonica road" Manaus; Humaita; Portovelho; Brasilia; Rio de Janeiro) - Paraguay - Uruguay - Argentina (Buenos Aires; Neuquen; Comodoro Rivadavia; Rio Gallegos and Ushuaia); After Perito Moreno Clacier National Park, I crossed the Andes) - to Chile (and followed North the Austral Road till Puerto Montt; Santiago; Antofagasta) - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Panama - boat to Costa Rica from Cartagena de Indias to Puerto Limón - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska (Polar Circle) and then all the way to New York where I finish the trip. I send the motorcycle to Spain by boat and myself back by plane
Purpose of the trip: Enjoy motorcycle driving; landscapes; People; life.
Comments: A wonderfull trip full of nature; incredible panorama lanscapes and very nice and honest people always trying to help. No problems at all !!!
Sponsored by : CAGIVA ITALY/SPAIN; Transatlantica Spanish Lines; AGFA-GEVAERT; Garibaldi; Junta de Andalucia; Patronato Prov. de Cadiz;
Published many reports in spanish newspaper and spanish speaking countries; 14 chapter monthly in Solo Moto (Motorcycle Magazine) and in other magazines.

17.10.1989 - 11.10.1990
Sbampato, Thomas und Petra Ketelsen (Swiss)
North - and Central-America with Kawasaki KLR 650. 50.000 kms.
Route: Florida - Kalifornien - Panama - Florida mit einigen Abstechern in verschiedene Nationalparks wie Arches, Grand Canyon, Bryce usw.
Our highlights: Dass wir am Ende der Reise uns so gut verstanden, daß wir beschlossen zusammenzubleiben und heirateten.
The worst: Wir gerieten in Nicaragua zwischen die Fronten der Contras und den Sandinisten. Schüsse, Schreie, Tote, Kampfhelikopter. Das wir aus der Situation lebend herauskamen war absoluter Zufall.

01.05.1992 - 28.03.1994
Frei, Christian  (German)
North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. The webmaster Christain rode solo Alaska - Tierra de Fuego. 67.000 kms in 22 months with YAMAHA XT TENERE 600.
Route: USA - Canada (up to Fairbanks) - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivien - Chile - Argentinia (Ushuaia) - back to Chile Antofagaster - Santiago) - Argentina (Buenos Aires) - by plane back to Germany.
Earlier travels: Türkei, Tunesien, Europa.
Highlihts: Alaska. Guatemala. Costa-Rica. Altiplano - Bolivia. The feeling to be independend.
The Worst: 6 months of McDonald food. Street bandits Belize - City. Break of chain on the Altiplano in Bolivia. Stolen camera and equipment in Equador (Quito).

17.10.1993 - 04.11.1996
Sbampato, Thomas and Petra (Ketelsen, heute Sbampato). (Swiss)
North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. 120.000 km. Drei Jahre lang erforschten der freischaffende Fotograf  Thomy und die Lehrerin und Schriftstellerin Petra mit einer BMW R 100 GS den amerikanischen Kontinent und hielten Dia-Vorträge.
Route: Alle Länder Amerikas bis auf die drei Guayanas.
Highlights: Die Leute am Wegesrand, die uns  in scheinbar ausweglosen Situationen immer wieder neuen Mut gaben und weiterhalfen.
The worst: Es gab einige schlimme Situationen, aber der Überfall nachts in unserem Zimmer in Mexiko, wo ich beinahe mein rechtes Auge verlor, gehörte bestimmt zu den schlimmsten Erlebnissen. Mein Schneidezahn wackelt heute noch davon.
Book or Publikation: Magazine wie das Globetrotter-Magazin Schweiz. Motorradmagazin Schweiz. Gegen hundert Tageszeitungen in der Schweiz und Süddeutschland. In der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2000 erscheint die Reportage im MOTORRAD- Magazin Deutschland.
Info: Zwei CD´s und eine CD - ROM  Feuerland - Alaska. Die CD-ROM ist mit Wort, Bild und Musik.  Buch von Petra geplant. Bestellbar bei Thomas Sbampato oder Bernd Tesch.
02.2000 1st Info by MOTORRAD 4/2000
31.05.2000 1st contact
B.T.: Vermutlich längste Alaska-Feuerland-Tour.

1994 - 1997
The Norwegian ferry from Panama (Colon) to Colombia (Cartagena) existed only 1994 - 1997.

1994 - 1995
Bettinelli, Giorgio (Italian)
Alaska-Ushuaia. Giorgio wrote a book about his Vespa trip from Rome to Saigon in 1992-1993. He also did Alaska - Tierra del Fuego in Vespa 1994-1995. He has done other trips all on a Vespa but I have no other specifics. Il Raid Mototuristico means The Mototurism Raid, I can not explain it.
27.06.2002 1st information by George Migliorelli being "on the road" RTW
27.06.2002 1st request for upadte from Carlo Nuzzo and Carlo Muttoni.

09.08.1994 - 01.08.1995
Petersen, Peter (Danish)
Canada - Tierra del Fuego. With BMW R 100 GS the 200,5 (!) meters the computer-expert Peter  rode solo 60.000 kms.
Route: Canada - USA - ?? - Argentina.
He was always smiling and laughing as loud as ten together from his height. I thought then nobody will dare to tuch this strong real person because of both. He was travelling like a vagabond without plans.
Already then the computer-expert was connected with a lot of mc-travellers worldwide by email.
Highlights: ???.
The worst: ???
1994 I met Peter in California. The always smiling / laughing Peter always travels like a vagabond without plan.
Participant of the Mc-Meeting for WORLD-Travellers 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000

01.04.1995 - ca. 01.1996
Gutmann, Marc (German)
South-America. Around-The-World. Marc planned 6,5 months. After 9 months he returned with his SUZUKI DR 650 after 25.000 kms (off-road ca. 7000 kms). Marc rode in many curves through SA and visited 9 different countries. Because he did not want to be in South America within a day he and his bike shipped with Polish Ocean Lines from Danzig (Polan) to Argentina (Buenos Aires).
Purpose: He visited  many SOS-children villages in SA.
01.-02.04.1995 Participant of the 17. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Marc started his tour here.
30.-31.03.1996 Participant of the 18. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. He gave a slides-show: "Süd-Amerika".
14.-16.04.2000 Participant of the 22. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Marc finished his tour here.
2001 plan: Another great tour!

26.05.1996 - 04.12.1998

Griep, Astrid (born 1969) and Daniel Duwe (born 1971, both Germans). Astrids homepage demnächst..

+ Alaska - Tierrad del Fuego. Astrid (Suzuki DR 350) and Daniel (Honda Transalp) rode 21 months and 60.000 kms (shortest distance Alaska - Tierre del Fuego ca. 17.000 km).
Route: North America (USA (Anchorage) - Canada - West of USA - Mexico - Guatemala. Here we celebrated our first christmas. In Honduras we stayed the next 3 months: Holiday form travelling. Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. We crossed exactly after one year the canal of Panama - by plane to South America (Colombia (Bogota) - through the Andes south to Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina. Christmas 1997 we reached Ushuaia. The end of a dream !

Purpose of travel: Curiosity for other countries and how the people live there.
Highlights: The people and the endless nature in Alaska and Kanada, the beauty of Western USA, the beautiful caribean coast in Mexico, the Andes with the volcanos, altiplano, saltlakes and of course reaching Tierra del Fuego after 60.000 km.
The Worst: A crash with a cow in the dschungel of Bolivia. Yeah - 2 weeks before I crashed into Daniels motorbike because of the beautiful scenery of the Andes.
Earlier experiences: Backpacking through Brasil, Mexiko, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand. Transafrica by motorcycle.
Useful tips to others: Don´t take too many things with you, you can buy almost everything everywhere. It is much nicer to travel light.
I paid about DM 20.000 (ca. 10.000 Euro) for this fun. All included like sshipping the bike to Alaska, the flight from Panama City to Bogotá and the transport back from Argentina (Buenos Aires) to Germany (Hamburg). I never counted all in different positions like flights, fuel, food... But notice that a joureney with two persons is much cheaper than solo. Alaska, Kanada and USA have been cheaper than we thought. We camped wild and cooked by ourself. For the N(ationl)P(arks)s w ehad the Pass "Golden Eagle" for one time paying US $ 25$. We did not need a Carnet and no visa. In Nicaragua we paid instead ca. US $ 20. At the borders all was always correct. On sunday we had to pay extra fees at the border of Mexiko - Guatemala.
05.1998 Personal visit of Astrid visited. I was astonished to hear how easy she managed Alasca - Tierra dle Fuego on her 350 ccm. She belongs to the few women who dare everything and is always positive thinking. It is wonderful to listen to Astrid.
Astrid is planing again to travel with her 350ccm SUZUKI. Who wants to travel next with her?

2001: Astrid has been more than three times at the Tesch-Travel-Treffen: 1995, 1996, 1997.
B.T.: Astrid is a very intelligent-humores and sweet-femine woman. She is a very experienced traveller and always waiting for the next tour... now studying in North of Germany.

25.01.1997. - 04.07.1997
Braga, Clodoaldo Turbay Dr. (Brasilian) or
North - and South-America. The medicine doctor Clodoaldo and Marcos rode on Suzuki DR 800 S Big. In 72 days 34.000 kms through 15 countries.His summaries: "This is our world".
Route: Brasilien - Bolivien - Peru - Equador - Kolumbien - Panam - Costa Rica - San Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Guatemala - Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska.
Highlights: Macchu Picchu (Peru), Cartagena ( Colombia), and the ultimate city of the Earth before the North Pole reacheable by road: Prudohe Bay. But the real challenge is the road between Cuzco (Peru) and Nazca ( Peru). On this road, the word adventure reaches a meaning that only really hard drivers are entitled to answer. Extremelly dangerous, extremely beautiful. Canadá has the most beautifuls roads of the Earth, doubtelessly. And the Yukon has the appeal to our thirst of adventure, and the answer to this call.
Book 1998: Alaska-Além Do Circulo Polar Ártico (in Portuguese. Titel in English means "Alaska-Beyond The Polar Article Circle").
B.T.: There are very few Brasilans riding that long distances in the Americas.

01.07.1997 - 25.02.1998
Bausenhart, Werner Ph.D.  (German living in Canada) DM 38,90  http://www.???
"8 Around the Americas on a Motorcycle." North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. 47,543miles (=76.069 kms).
The German Werner (60, living in Canada) rode around North and South America after he retired. He wrote a book with a day-to-day account of a trip by BMW R 100 GSPD from Ontario, Canada, to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) to Ushuaia
(Tierra del Fuego, Argentina), and back to Canada. It gives an insight into matters specific to motorcycle adventure
travel: the documents required, the maintenance of the bike, road and riding conditions as they affect the motorcyclist, border crossings, transporting the bike by air freight, and accommodation and security for bike and rider. An appendix lists exact distances, and the names of secure campgrounds and hotels. The travelogue includes conversations with many of the fellow travellers Bausenhart met along the route. The book also touches on more personal questions. How does the family-oriented traveller obtain a leave of absence from a significant other who hates motorcycles? How does one overcome one's own fear of the unknown? The writer demonstrates that anyone with a strong desire to do so can indulge in motorcycle adventure travel. All that is required is a reliable
motorcycle, a bit of money, and a lot of time. Appendix: Route with kms, camping places and hotels.
Tour North America:  01.07.1997 - 21.08.97 28,864 Miles. Canada - U.S.A (Alaska) - Canada - U.S.A (Oregon - California) - Mexico - U.S.A (Texas - Florida - New York) - Canada.
Tour: South America: 20.10.1997-02.02.1998. 37,038 miles. Canada - U.S.A - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador -
Honduras - Nicaragua- Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Venezuela - Brazil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile - Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia.
Tour: Central America and Mexico: 03.02.98 - 25.02.98. 47,543-37,090 =10.453 miles Panama - Costa Rica -
Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - U.S.A - Canada.
English. 240 pp. 23 b +w fotos, 1 map. 47,543miles (= 76.069 km)".
Highlights: End of the road in Alaska. End of the road on Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Riding in the Andes.
The worst: Rain, rain, rain, thanks to El Niño.
Book in 2000: This private published book is available from Werner or Bernd Tesch: "8 Around the Americas on a Motorcycle."

1 July, 1997 - 6 April,1998:
1991 BMW R100 GSPD  Around North and South America in a figure eight. 76,407 km.  Ottawa, Canada - Winnipeg - Dawson Creek - Fairbanks -  Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) - Vancouver - USA -San    Francisco - Mexico City - Panama to Colombia by air with bike -  Venezuela - Brazil - Ushuaia (Argentina; end of the road) - Punta    Arenas
(Chile) - Bolivia - Peru - Colombia by air with bike to  Panama - Belize - Mexico - USA - Key West (Florida) - Ottawa,     Canada.

19.05.1998 - 09.02.2000
Grauf, Julia (born 1971) and Walter Mueller (born 1965. Both Germans from Feuchtwangen in Bavaria)

Alaska - Tierra del Fuego - Spain - Germany. Julia and Walter rode 90.000 kms in 20 months through 17 countries with two BMW R 100 GS PD.
Route: By aeroplane to Canada (Toronto) - Alaska - Canada - USA west coast - USA east coast - USA westcoast - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - by plane to Colombia (Bogota) - Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Bolivia - Brasil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile - Ushuaia - Chile - by plane back to Germany.
Purpose of travel: Just for fun as a tourist.

Highlights: Nationalparks of USA. Bears. Ruins in Mexico. Salar de Uyuni. Perrito Moreno Ice-Mountain. Amazonas. Lake area of Chile. The Worst: Police of Brasil. Border of Hondura.
Tipps for others: Make your own experiene. Don´t take care too much of the influence of others.
Earlier experiences: 4 weeks Morocco. 4 weeks Turkey. 4 weeks Greece.
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
30.01.01 Send first email and asked for their block
03.06.01 1st contact.

20.07.1998 – 18.01.2000
Schöner-Löther, Eva (German, 01.03.1961) and Ralf Löther (German born 20.12.1964) :
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Eva and Ralf (better known as RalEva) rode 63.000 km with 2 Yamaha XT 600 Ténéré (1 VJ).
Route: Anchorage to Buenos Aires
Countries: USA - Canada - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Brasil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile. We flew with the bikes from Düsseldorf to Anchorage. Also over the Darien Gap, from Panama City (Panama) to Bogota ( Colombia). Back to Europe we took a plane and shipped the bikes to Hamburg
Purpose of Travel: We want to travel around the world, step by step, with our motorcycles
The best: We did this trip trip together and still loving each other! Most of the people were very friendly and hospitable. The „feeling" to be free.
The worst: Eva got Borreliose in Brasil, but with the help of Internet we got the information about this sickness. And Eva took enough Antibiotika for the real time, to get cured! The Police in Brasil wanted US $ 1.000 from us, because, in their eyes, we did a traffic-mistake
Important useful informations for others:
Book or publication (about your tour): Π

08.1999 - 11.2000
Käppl, Kerstin and Benno Grell (Germans)
N- and S-America. Kerstin and Benno intended to travel one year. Finnaly they travelled two years with two BMW R 100 GS. Ca 53.000 km in the Americas and ca. 35.000 km in Africa (see there).
Purpose of travel: A lot. It is fascinating to be "on the road".
Route: SAmerica (Chile - Argentinia (Ushuaia) - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Equador) - NAmerica (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - USA - Germany.
31.10.01 1st summary from SAfrica. Kerstin and Benno have been 8 times since 1999 at the "Tesch-Travel-Treffen". While they have been in Sudan / Ethiopia some friends emailed to be that they are afraid that they are lost. So B.T. emailed them as well but never got an answer until today from SAfrica.
05.04.02 2nd request for update.

Brooks, Maurice
Plan Alaska -Tierra del Fuego

27.04.1999 The American Maurice (I suppose retired) just send me a picture with his bike telling me that he is "on the road" since 1999 and does not have any permant address anymore.
29.05.01 Who knows mre about him now??


Freeman, Jan and ? (English)
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. For 14 months we rode on the GS and an F650  60.000 km from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. It was not the most direct route you could do!
Route: Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina.

12.09.2000 1st contact

21.03.1999 - 25.09.2001
Seip, Martina und Lieven Goethals (German)
+ Feuerland - Alaska.
Dipl.-Volkswirtin Martina (solo with BMW R 100 GS PD) and Dipl.-Informatiker Lieven (BMW sidecar from Horst Ulrich Fernreisegespanne) rode together 57.000 kms in three parts in 18 months from Ushuaia - to Alaska. Martina and Lieven were accompanied by their big dog Tinka all the way.
06.2001 Publication in MOTORRAD: Tinkas Reise. About their 8 months in South America.
17.10.01 Letter from them with foto-copy. Which I answerd and asked for their block.
05.12.01 Second request.
B.T.: I thing no dog rode on a sidecar the total length of the Panamericana. And I don´t know a a couple who rode with a solo-motorcycle and a sidecar toghether the PANAM.

29.05.1999 - 29.05.2000
Paaske, Ralf und Petra Schommer (Germans)
North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. With one BMW R 80 GS Basic the stewardess Petra and cook Ralf rode Alaska-Tierra del Fuego and Europe.
Their highlights: Riding in Peru though the Andes. Meeting the people on the road. Millenium meeting of 38 Motorcycle-World-Travellers in Ushuaia 1999-2000. To travel by motorcycle PITUFO. Boundless freedom while travelling. The worst: Nothing !
Route in total: Germany - by plane to Canada (Vancouver) - Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina / Usuaia arriving 19.12.1999 after 45.313 kms and celebrating the millenium there with the largest group of 38 Motorcycle-World-Travellers. By ship to Antartica. By Swiss Air from Chile Santiago to Spanin / Barcelona. By motorcyle Spain - Portugal - Andorra - France - Italy - Slowenia - Austria - Liechtenstein - Switzerland - France - Luxembourg - Belgium - Germany / Zweifall / Aachen.  In total: 62.400 kms.
1989 first contact of Bernd Tesch with Petra and Ralf in Aachen / Germany.
28.05.2000 B.T. gave a welcome-party after one year in Zweifall for them.
06.-08.04.2000 B.T.: Petra and Ralf  give a sliceshow on the 23rd Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.

15.06.1999 - 15.02.2000
Greulach, Renate and Gino Grimbacher (Gino: German / USA, born 08.05.1956. Renate: German, born 26.02.1951)
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Both rode on one bike BMW R100 GS PD in 8 months from Canada (Vancouver, they have been earlier in Alaska by bike) to Ushuaia in South-America (43. 000 km). Originally they planed to be on the road for 1-1.5 years and wanted to travel USA, Mexico, Central- and South-America, South Africa, southern and eastern Part of Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Renate (responsible for employee-accounts in a large company) prefers to sit on the back of Gino's bike (seaman, driving instructor). Gino has been 9 times at Tesch-Travel-Treffen and since 1995 they travel with Tesch-Travel-Boxes and the special designed frame. Gino: after all they went through, they are still in good condition and protected our legs perfectly after an accident in Chile. We would never travel without them.According to good info from B.Tesch and his famous Bernd-Tesch-Treffen they where able to meet several travellers (German & British) in Guatemala (Antigua) and Peru (Cuzco). Dec. 28th, 1999 they reached healthy and happy Ushuaia for the great second "Bernd-Tesch-Meeting". After a great celebration (Millenium) with old and new friends they headed North to Rio de Brasil (Janeiro). 15.02.2000 for 2 reasons they finished their trip in Rio de Janeiro and flew (including their bike) back to Germany. 1st reason was : too many good impressions on their 8 months trip, which first have to been overthought before continuing. 2nd: the health condition of Ginos mother.
Route: Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvadore - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama (we and the bike by plane to) Ecquador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Brazil - we and the bike flewback to Germany by plane.
Purpose of Travel: After having gone twice around the world on freighters (ships) now Gino trys to travel overland with Renate. Highlights: To know other nations, other people, different cultures and living and dealing with " Mother Nature ".
The worst: NONE, because whenever it looked like a problem is coming up, there was always someone who gave us help and/or hospitality, so that the problem turned into a good and great experience.
Useful Information: Going to the yearly "Bernd-Tesch-Meeting" in Germany and take the chance to use "Bernd's Individual Consulting" which safes you lots of money during your trip.
Earlier experiences: Gino Grimbacher started 1974 with little motorcycle trips around Germany on a DKW 200. 1980 - 1994 he toured in several 4-5 week-trips around Europe (North Cape - Marocco and Ireland - Czechoslovakia) on a BMW R80 (appr. 60 000 km).
Renate Greulach and Gino Grimbacher together: 1995 - 1998: They bought a BMW R100 GS PD in USA (New York) in 1995 and travelled both on this bike 35.000 km around North-America on 4 tours in 6 months (4 trips 1995-1998)in North-America and Canada and Alaska.

Route: New York, New Orleans, El Paso, Chicago, Dawson City, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Calgary and Vancouver.The trips lasted each year 5-7 weeks. They stored the bike by friends or BMW-dealers, flew back to Germany and continued the following year from there.
11.07.01 Email.

July 1999 - July 2000
Gouron, Georges (now French / Australian, still born in France 28.10.1944, just getting older all the time)
North- Central- and Around South America. email:
Georges toured solo with bis bike a YAMAHA XJ 900 DIVERSION caalled "Ozzie" from Australia by plane to USA - Mexico - Belice - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica and Panama - by plane to Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina (Usuaiha) - Chile - Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Paraguay - Argentina - Brazil - Venezuela - by flight to GB - Scotland - GB - Holland, Belgium, Germany - Austria, Switzerland - Austria, Switzerland.
Back in Australia joined the Public Service ! Bought various bikes then the greatest of them all in 1988: a Yamaha XJ 900 with which I covered 205.000 kms trouble free. In 1998 I decided it was time to shake the cobwebs from the Public Service. So I bought a YAMAHA XJ 900 DIVERSION and in 1999 I retired from the Public service. I flew Ozzie (my bike) to L.A in USA where I joined her right away and we rode together to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde Nat Park before heading down to Mexico. At the border I meet with Pete, Phil and Lucas, 3 nice American riders. We'll ride together till Guadalajara. They then turn back and I keep going on through Mexico, Belice, Guatemala (now the road to Tikal is paved !). In Antigua met Ralf and Petra at the Post office. Then I go down to Lake Atitlan, a gem. Then it is down to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Panama I fly the bike to Quito in Equador, then myself to Quito ! Surprise ! Ozzie is not there ! Bastard have not send it yet. It was due to come by Continental Airlines (DO NOT USE THAT AIRLINE). After a week of furious calls they eventually send it. Unfortunately the volcano in Quito start to erupt. Flight are diverted to Guayaquil. Another week pass and Ozzie is still stuck in Guayaquil. Enough is enough. I pack up, catch the night bus to Guayaquil and go to the airport. I start the paper works to clear the bike (it's 09h00) when I see 4 people coming in, helmet in hands. 2 of them are Petra and Ralf, the other 2 are Renate and Gino. So we all clear our bikes together and are out by 16h00. I go back to Quito with everybody than Renate. Gino and I decide to travel together, Petra and Ralf being faster. So down it is to Peru, up a shit road to Huaraz, down a good one to the coast, Lima, Nazca, Cuzco, La Paz in Bolivia. Up to 5200m, crossing the Chilian border at 4667 m and down in Arica Chile in 150 km of descent. Through the Chilian desert to Puerto Montt, across to Argentina, windy Patagonia, cold Tierra del Fuego and lousy roads down to Ushuaia where we meet again with Petra and Ralf, Mark, Uwe and a few others and we all greet the New Year in Ushuaia. Then it's back to Chili and the glacier Perito Moreno, back to windy Patagonia up Argentina to Buenos Aires. Uwe leaves us. Renate and Gino go to Rio via Iguazu Falls and back to Germany. Mark and I go to Uruguay. Mark leaves from Montevideo to England. I'm back by myself across Paraguay, Argentina again, Iguazu falls, Brazil (I reach Rio on Carnaval day) up to Belem. Ozzie and I take a river boat to Manaus and back on the road to Caracas in Venezuela from where we fly to London. After a few days with Mark (thank you ) since I live in the South of France I take the short way through Wales and Scotland then Holland, Belgium, Germany where I'm welcomed by Renate and Gino (Thanks guys), Austria, Switzerland and then down South to France where I'm bored !
HIGHLIGHTS : the whole trip
Sorry mate Bernd: I'm afraid i've been a bit long but it's easy to get carried away
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges

01.05.2000 - 04.03.2001
Stock, Gerd (German)
Alaska-Feuerland. Gerd rode solo 51.000 kms in 10 months: Healthy, without an accident and no puncture. He was planning the total distance Alaska to South-America in 1 year with BMW R 1100 GS. From Alaska to Ushuaia I rode through so many differnt landscapes and zones of culture that it never bothered me. It was a wonderful feeling after such a long time to reach Ushuaia. I loved the road to Ushuaia but Usuhaia was also ways the southern point I wanted to reach. In Hostal I met Volkmar, Chris, Tilo and Katharina again, whom I met on the road many times. With some I rode together for parts. So we celebrated our southern end !
Route: USA (New York 16.5.2000) - Kanada - USA - Mexiko - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa-Rica - Panama (Airplane to Quito) - Equador - Peru - Bolivien - Chile - Argentinien (Tierra del Fuego - Buenos Aires 30.3.2001).
Purpose of Travel: Visit other countries and culture and for fun.

Highlights: National Parks USA. Small cities and Maja Ruins in Mexiko. Atmosphere in Belize. Tikal in Guatemala. Lago de Nicaragua. Volcano Cotopaxi and Galapagos in Equador. Cuzco and Machu Pichu in Peru. Volcano Potosi and Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. San Pedro de Atacama, Carretera Austral and Torres del Paine N.P. in Chile. Fitz Roy and Ushuaia in Argentina
The Worst: No, no problems with the bike and no banditos and most time friendly people. The worst was that the time was too short.
Useful Tips for others:
Start and enjoy it, Southamerica is great and a good place for traveling. You don't need a carnet, only a international licence.
Earlier experiences so far:
Europe (Alps, Corsika. Romania). North-America (Alaska, Canada, West-coast). Asia (Ladakh. Karakorum Highway by bicycle). China: Desert Gobi, North Tibet with Yamaha XT 225. This was a very first organised tour. New Zealand by bicycle.
16.04.2000 Participant of the 22nd Meeting for Mororcycle-WORLD-Travellers.
06.-08.04.2001 Participant of the 23rd Meeting for Mororcycle-WORLD-Travellers.

15.05.2000 - ca.15.05.2001
Spittel, Lars und Tini Hering (Germans) ?
Plan Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Both riding on ONE   HONDA Africa Twin.
Route: USA - Canada - Alaska - Peru - all the way to Panama. GENAUER!
Highlights: Im Moment sind wir in Peru unterwegs auf einsamen Bergpisten. Herrliche Landschaften, nette Menschen und teilweise extrem holprige Strassen. Geil. Besonders haben uns die einsamen Pisten in Kanada und Alaska gefallen, sowie die Gastfreundschaft in allen Laendern unserer Reise.
Purpose of Travel:.
The worst: ....
Book or publication (about your tour): .......
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....

08.2000 - 08.2001
Emringer, Manou and Spencer, Ellen (Luxembourg)
Plan Around The World. At first: Alaska to Argentina. Plan to ride for one year 2000-2001 with two motorcycles (Africa Twin and Transalp) Around The World.
Planned Route (flexible!): 08.2000-01.2001: Alaska to Argentina . They reached Cjile in 12.2000. - 01.2001-02.2001: Ivory Coast to Luxembourg - 03.2001: New Zealand (on rental bikes) -  04.-08.2001 Luxembourg - Turkey - Central Asia - Norway - Luxembourg
03.2000: Manou visited Bernd Tesch in Zweifall. I suppose they cannot do all the way in this too short time.

10.2001 + ca. 6 months
Walkowiak, Rolf and Markus (another mc-traveller) (Germans)  http://www. in progess
Plan North- and South-America. Rolf (45) plans to cross the Americas and to fullfill his wish.
04.12.2000 1st contact

15 .11 . 2000 - 15. 04. 2001
Dross, Oliver (German, born 06.06.1968 )
+ Argentina - USA. In 5 months Oliver rode 45.000 km solo from Tierra del Fuego to USA. Within this where 15.000 km of dirt roads
Purpose of travel: Get away. See things, have time to float and wonder, learn Spanish, climb mountains
Route: By containership from Belgium to Argentina (Buenos Aires). Through all the western countries of South and Central America on a Africa Twin RD 0?. WHICH COUNTRIES please in words ??? Jointed Michael Schwamborn from Ecuador to Nicaragua. I flew back with the bike from San Francisco to Köln.
Highlights: Patagonian Mountains. Argentinean girls. Remote valleys full of Inca remains and rainforest in Eastern Peru. Colombia, exclusively for us, no tourism > This sentence even I do NOT understand. Please clear...... And Nicaragua, a quiet place, full of authentic smiles.
The Africa Twin was great although too heavy and it calls too much attention. The only defect was a broken speedometer cable 400 km before the end of the trip....
The worst: A false taxi in Peru.... What happened ??
Book or publication : Book:"Ritt auf dem Nashorn", "500 Tage zwischen Feuerland und Mexiko":
Earlier experiences of big motorcycle-Tours: 3 months South West USA 1992, Morocco 1995
10.11.01 1st information by Michael Schwammborn.
09.10.2003 1st contact by email and 1sr request for update.
10.10. 1st update and 2nd request for update.
Dross, Oliver

"Ritt auf dem Nashorn"

"500 Tage zwischen Feuerland und Mexiko". 13 Kaptitel. 289 S. 2 Karten. 12 Farb-, 35 Schwarzweißfotos. Paperback
20 x 14 cm Farbeinband kaschiert . Verlag: Dross, Oliver (Selbstverlag). 1 Auflage Juni 2003, Books on Demand.

Oilivers (33) Motivation war klar umrissen: Nach einer dreimonatigen Motorradtour 1992 in South West USA und einem Marokko-Trip 1995 musste diese Reise "intensiver sein": Wegfahren, Dinge sehen, Zeit haben - um sich treiben zu lassen und Vieles zu bewundern . Berge besteigen und Spanisch lernen: So "ritt" er solo sein Nashorn, eine Africa Twin RD 07, 5 Monate von Argentinien bis USA. In den 45.000 km waren immerhin 15.000 km Piste mit einem Motorrad, das ihm zu schwer war, aber gut durchhielt.
Es war November, in der Biskaya war Sturm und das Containerschiff, das den Autor und sein Motorrad nach Südamerika bringen sollte, trieb beschädigt in der Dünung. Es hätte ein ruhiger Auftakt zu einer langen Riese werden sollen... Wochen später, der Atlantik war nun überquert, begann die eigentliche Fahrt von Feuerland nach Mexiko: 500 Tage mal auf, meist neben der Panamerikana, der "Traumstraße der Welt", voller Abenteuer und intensiver Begegnungen mit den Menschen Lateinamerikas, spannend und einfühlsam beschrieben.
Über den Atlantik per Fähre nach Argentinien (Buenos Aires). Windige Weihnacht auf dem Wege und ein Fünf-Sterne-Hotel in Feuerland (Ushuaia). Nordwärts durch Südpatagonien mit Sturz im Sturm. Zwischen Eis und Granit. Sturm im Paradies. Sonne in der Hölle. Die Carretera Austral: Chiles wilder Süden. Nordpatagonien : Emotionaler Salto. Die Taufe des Nashorns. Ein Blick in die Hölle. Zentral- und Nordchile: Santiago de Chile. Offener Himmel. Durch die Wüste Atacama. Bolivien und Südperu: Die Hölle der Friedensstadt. Das Zentrum der Welt. Tag und Nacht auf einer Gebirgspiste. Auf einem Vulkan. In die Hochanden: Das weiße Gebirge. Perus Norden: Inka-Gold. Das Tal der Träume. Piranha im Magen. Krokodil in der Hand. Ekuador nach Kolumbien : Freundlicher Empfang in Ekuador. Tanz auf dem Vulkan. Kolumbien, das Reich des Bösen. Von gefährlichen Frauen und harmlosen Guerilleros. Schach auf viertausend Metern Höhe. Licht und Schatten in Bogotá. Hindernisse vor Mittelamerika. Panama und Costa Rica: Vier Deutsche im Paradies. Von Nicaragua nach Belize: Die Putas von Nicaragua. Nachhilfekurs in Korruption. Bananenrepublik Honduras. Antigua Guatemala. Ein totes Kind. Von den Bergen ins Maya-Tiefland; Menschenopfer auf einer Mayapyramide. Durch Mexiko: Knackende Wirbel und ein unterbrochener Liebesakt. Mayas, wo ist eure Kultur geblieben? Die Kunst des Reisens. Alte Freunde. Die Faszination der Leere. Zum "Tortilla Vorhang".

19.12.2000 - 26.06.2002
Schwamborn, Michael (German, born 19.01.1964)
< Michael Schwamborn meets American RTW Traveller Mariola Cichon in Panama 11.2001: "The nicest mc-travel-woman I met so far"

+ Tierra del Fuego - Alaska.
The physics Michael rode from Tierra de Fuego (Argentina) to Fairbanks (Alaska), on a Yamaha TT 350 - called Oveja Negra- 35.000 kms (to Mexico) and 57.000 kms to Fairbanks. In SAmerica he wrote with mode-design Jeanette Sabus for nine months. In North-America with physics Oliver so far.
Route: Germany (Cologne) - bike Yamaha TT 350 by boat to Santiago de Chile - Michael by plane from Santiago de Chile to Argentina (Tierra de Fuego) - by bike Chile - Argentinia (many times crosses Chile - Argentina because of the nice passes) - Bolivia - Peru - until Ecuador (Quito) together with Jeanette Sabus who rode a Kawasaki KLR 250 - from Colombia (Bogota) with plane to Panama - to Mexico together with Oliver Dross (German) who rides a Honda Africa Twin. Distance Santiago-Mexico: 35 000 kms. Panama - Costa Rica - ..Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska by bike. Plan with a ship back to Spain.

Purpose of travel: Get to know countries. Meeting people.
Highlights: Climbing the Andes
The worst: Deep mud after a strong rainy-season near laguna Uyuni (Bolivia).
Book or publication (about your tour): no
Useful informations and TIPS for others: A light Motor-Bike with little lugagge is not only good for women
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: 1989 Rumania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Egypt, with a Yamaha XT 250 (6 months). 1997 Australia (East Cost), with a Yamaha TT 250 (2 months)
06.11.01 1st information by Jo Deleker and Birgit Pütz.
10.11.01 1st conatct.
27.-28.09.2002 Michael visited B.T. with Mariola accompining her to Spain.

31.01.2002 - end of august 2002
Jokisch, Tina (German, born 1973) and Jeremy Andrews (New Zealander, born 1967) and Philipp Jokisch (German, born 1970)
Buenos Aires - Tierra del Fuego - Alaska. Sister Tina and brother Philipp and Jeremy plan to ride both Americas on three BMWs.
Route: Philipp and Tina by plane with Iberia from Germany (Duesseldorf) via Spain (Madrid) to Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Jeremy with Quantas from New Zealand (Auckland) to Buenos Aires. Motorcycles by ship from Belgium (Antwerp) with I.P.T.S. (check forum
on our website for information) to Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Ushuaia - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Equador - Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska (10.07.02 Deadhorse) - Prudhoe Bay - Anchorage.
Purpose of travel: Jumping off the treadmill to find out what life's really all about..
Highlights: ?
The worst: ?
Book or publication (about your tour): Planned
Useful informations and TIPS for others: 14.5 m3 have been ca. Euro 2000 all inclusive. This means inclusive all local costs in Buenos Aires. I can highly recommend everyone to book this in advance because here in Buenos Aires all is very corrupt. This menas in parctise that you can pay easily US$ 750 as well. When considering shipping the bike, speaking Spanish is a definite advantage as hardly anybody speaks English in Buenos Aires and bring plenty of patience.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: ?
24.11.2001 Father Winfried Jokisch and Philipp took part in my Traveller-Survival-Training.
21.01.2002 1st email about the tour from Buenos Aires.
22.01.2002 2nd request for update.

04.05.2002 - ca. 04.05.2003
Jungkeit, Susanne (Susi, born 29.08.1978) and Claudia Lendle (Claudy, 31.03.1978, both Germans)
Plan Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Susi (HONDA Afrika Twin) and Claudy (BMW 650 GS) intend to travel for a long time.
Purpose of travel: To meet other people and cultures.
Route: Germany by plane to Canada (Vancouver) - USA - Mexico - ?
B.T.: I have never heard that two women started together for a long trip trough N- and S- America and succeed to reach Tierra del Fuego.
15.02.2001 1st contact
28.07.2001 Personal visit.
09.07.2002 1st email from USA.

25.07.2001 - June 2002
Polak, Jochen (German, born 02.06.1977) und Thomas Ochsenkuehn (German, born 03.07.1977)
Canada - Tierra del Fuego.
We startet with two especially equipped Honda NX650/Dominator (1997) together with Peter Kleinhans (German, born 02.02.1978) in a Van, because he is handicaped since a motorcycle accident a few jears ago.
Route: Canada (Vancouver - Fairbanks - Edmonton) - USA (Seattle - San Fransisco - Flaggstaff - San Diego - La Paz) - Mexico DF - San Cristobal. There we got stock for two months, because of a broken spring in the gearbox. Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Ecuador........Tierra del Fuego. Plan end of april 2002 in Ushuaia.
Purpose of travel: Trying to get in the Bernd-Tesch-List as the joungest Panamerican-Highway-Travellers by Bike (Jochen).
Highlights: Still beeing friends after 7 months smelling the bike boots of the travel-partner
The worst: Seeing Peter going home after his car broke down in Matzatlan, and definetly the breakdown of the bike in Ocosingo
Book or publication:
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Please write for any questions.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Crossing the Brenner with 50 cm snow on our practicing tour at easter 2001
15.02.2002 1st information by Michael Schwamborn. He met both in Guatemala.
21.01.2002 1st answer

10.03.2002 – März/April 2003
Selbach, Ricarda (German, 23.12.67) and Torsten Broszonn (German, born 15.01.67)
Ricarda and Torsten plan to ride Middle and South Ameriva. We flew our two identical BMW F650GS (with some modifications, e.g. bigger tank) to San José in Costa Rica.
Route: First we rode north to Nicaragua, then back to Costa Rica and further south to Panamá. Probably we fly or boattrip from Panamá-City to Ecuador. Peru – Bolivia – Brasilia (Pantanal) – Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Uruguay - Brasilia (Rio de Janeiro). Bikes by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Hamburg.
Purpose of travel: Leben - Life - La vida, get to know Southamerica, different views of experience of life
Highlights: We want to experience people, habits, maxims and traditons, see nicest places of the different countries
The worst: Riding 3 km on a loose sandy beach with all equipment - had three falls
Book or publication (about your tour): still thinking of
Useful informations and TIPS for others: have a look on the homepage under "tipps & links"
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: just some
15.03.02 1st information by Stefan Thiel
15.03.02 1st request for update
22.04.02 1st update

15.05.2002 + 1 year
Rauh, Ralph (German) and Jürgen Antonuecci (Italian-German)
- Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. The German lorry driver Ralph (HONDA CS 600 LM) and Jürgen (SUZUKI DR 650) plan to travel for one year Alaska - Tierra del Fuego.
Route: Canada - Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. Nun versuchen wir seit 1 woche einen platz fuer die treuen mopeds und uns zu bekommen, aber wegen eines vulkanausbruches ist der flughafen in quito geschlossen. Preis pro ticket nach Quito ca. 515 - 575 dollar. Columbien ist momentan nicht zu empfehlen.
Die mopeds (xl 600 honda und dr 650 suzuki) haben jetzt 36.000 km mehr auf dem tacho. Ersatzteile wie reifen und kettensatz sind hier sehr schwer zu bekommen, da hier vorwiegend mopeds mit 250 cm laufen.
1989 Ralph was participant of the TTTrefen
13.11.01 1st contact from Panama

24.06.2002 - christmas.12.2002
Coates,Tiffany (British)
- Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Riding with Dunleavy, Maggie (Ireland) for Central America and a range of other friends including McInerney, Siobhan (Australia) and Cohn, Janet (USA).
I always ride with someone else and we ride on "Thelma" - my BMW R80GS (1992).
Route: The current trip involves shipping Thelma to Vancouver in Canada, riding north to Dead Horse in Alaska and then setting off on the long ride south to Chile. North America 11.000 kms (Canada, Alaska, USA). Central America 10.000kms (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama)
Ship to Ecuador. South America 15.000 kms (Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina). And then Tiffany wants to spend 4 more months in Soth America before shipping home.

18.08.2003 - ??

Sanders, Kevin & Julia (UK)
- Plan Trans Americas Guinness World Record. Julia and Kevin,
"... the Globebusters new look website is now fully launched. Packed with pictures, route maps, preparation info about the trans Americas Guinness World Motorcycle Record, you can follow the challenges we encounter through the news reports and photo gallery.
The aim is to smash the existing record by more than ten days. Log on and see if we make it! Kevin & Julia Sanders ".
If it were just a case of riding the bike, it would not be as tough (really!). What makes the ride more difficult is documenting it all in accordance with the stringent regulations that Guinness set down.

The paperwork is key. If you cannot prove what you have done to Guinness, then there is no record. If you mislay your documents half way through the record, then give up, because you don't have the proof.

Here is summary of the Guinness rules for these rides:
Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle
Minimum 18,000 riding miles.
Minimum 24,900 miles in total.
Travel in the same direction (you cannot go back on yourself).
Cross two anti-podal points (opposite points on the globe).
Time flying between land points is not counted.

Trans-Americas Journey by Motorcycle
Route must leave Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and arrive Ushuaia, Argentina (or vice versa).
Time runs from leaving Alaska until arrival at Ushuaia, which includes time taken to organise crossing over the Darien Gap.
For the records:
Route must be checked by Guinness prior to setting off.
Same rider, same bike throughout.
No traffic offences.
Maintain detailed log book – every time you stop, record location, date, time, mileage and when you start, record the date and time of starting.
Photographic and video evidence of journey.
Two witnesses each day to sign the log book.
Two independent witnesses of local standing to verify the whole evidence of the journey prior to submission to Guinness.

I hope you liked reeding this. I am just waiting for YOUR email helping me to update: A LIFELONG job with passion.

Bernd Tesch in Germany

Copyright Bernd Tesch. Motorcycle-WORLD-Travel-Expert no. 1.   It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. This all is a part of the books in work "Süd-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen" = South-America Motorcycle-Travels. ISBN  3-9800099-4-7 and "Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen" = North-America Motorcycle-Travels. ISBN  3-9800099-4-9
GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd TESCH. Grünentalstr. 31, D-52152 Simmerath-Hammer, Germany. Tel 0049(0)2473-938686. Fax: 02773-938678 email: website:

Summaries in Progress:

07.07.1998 + 9 month
Hilgert, Dan (German, born ???)
+ Alaska - Feuerland.
In 9 months Dan rode solo and in a group 55.000 km with a BMW R 100 GS from Alaska to Usuhaia.
19.09.2003 1st contact by letter offering me his manusript "Soutbound", Erlebnisse auf dem langen Weg von Alaska nach Feuerland.
21.09.2003 1st request by postcard,. Send so far no email.

Simine, Carlo De (German, born ?) []
+ Alaska - Feuerland - New York. Hallo Bernd, nach ueber 60 000 Km von Feuerland nach Alaska bin ich nun in New York dem Ende meiner Reise angekommen. Meine 18 Jahre alte G/S hat nun ueber 283 000 Km auf dem Tacho und ist ohne Probleme durchmarschiert. Nun versuche ich mich um den Ruecktransport zu kuemmern und waere Dir dankbar, wenn Du Informationen ueber Luftfracht-Seetransport fuer mich haettest oder mir einige Tipps geben koenntest. Im voraus vielen Dank. Bye Carlo aus N.Y.
28.08.2003 1st information
28.08.2003 1st request for update. Carlo has been 6 times since 1988 until 2001 on the TTTreffen.
21.09.2003 2nd request for update

18.08.2003 - ??

Sanders, Kevin & Julia (UK)
- Plan Trans Americas Guinness World Record. Julia and Kevin,
"... the Globebusters new look website is now fully launched. Packed with pictures, route maps, preparation info about the trans Americas Guinness World Motorcycle Record, you can follow the challenges we encounter through the news reports and photo gallery.
The aim is to smash the existing record by more than ten days. Log on and see if we make it! Kevin & Julia Sanders ".
If it were just a case of riding the bike, it would not be as tough (really!). What makes the ride more difficult is documenting it all in accordance with the stringent regulations that Guinness set down.

The paperwork is key. If you cannot prove what you have done to Guinness, then there is no record. If you mislay your documents half way through the record, then give up, because you don't have the proof.

Here is summary of the Guinness rules for these rides:
Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle
Minimum 18,000 riding miles.
Minimum 24,900 miles in total.
Travel in the same direction (you cannot go back on yourself).
Cross two anti-podal points (opposite points on the globe).
Time flying between land points is not counted.

Trans-Americas Journey by Motorcycle
Route must leave Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and arrive Ushuaia, Argentina (or vice versa).
Time runs from leaving Alaska until arrival at Ushuaia, which includes time taken to organise crossing over the Darien Gap.
For the records:
Route must be checked by Guinness prior to setting off.
Same rider, same bike throughout.
No traffic offences.
Maintain detailed log book – every time you stop, record location, date, time, mileage and when you start, record the date and time of starting.
Photographic and video evidence of journey.
Two witnesses each day to sign the log book.
Two independent witnesses of local standing to verify the whole evidence of the journey prior to submission to Guinness.

??.10.2000 - ??.07.2001
Dietler, Carola and Reto Scheller (Swiss)
Möchte dieses jahr gerne wieder mal an dein treffen kommen ! von okt. 2000 - juli 2001 bin ich uebrigens mit meiner freundin und einer alten africa twin 650  49'000 km von buenos aires-feuerland-alaska gefahren!
14.03.02 1st information
14.03.01 1st request for update

??-.??.19.. - ??.??.19..
Miragaia, René Angelino
Brasil - Alasca. Yokon a última Fronteira. Siehe Bücherbesprechung.
ANGELINO, René Miragaia
"Yukon. A última frontera"
  ca. US $ 26,90. Portugiesisch.
Brasilien - Alaska - Brasilien.
TR + TG. "Die letzte Grenze". Der Anwalt "Gaia", ist seit 40 Jahren Künstler und geborener Abenteurer. Er ist 2 Millionen km durch mehr als 60 Länder gefahren. René arbeitet und verwirklicht seine Abenteuerwünsche. Seine 5-monatige Reise führte von Brasilien über Mittel-Amerika bis Alaska (25.000 km) und teilweise auf anderen Strecken zurück (35.000 km). 69 Kapitel. 311 S. 36 übersichtliche Kartenskizzen. 20 Farb-Fotos. Softcover. 21 cm H x 14 cm.
21.09.2003 Another request for update.

1976 ? - 1978
Griffith, Kristina (Vietnamese) and with her husband ?
From NA to London - overland to India - Africa -
22.11.2000 1st infromation by Ralf Paaske and Petra Schommer. They have a letter with all details.

06.1998 - 04.2000 McLean, Ken (Scottish) http://www.??
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego - Spain -Scotland.
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
30.01.01 Send first email and asked for his block.
19.05.01 Send second email and asked for his block.

2000 Luuk, ?? (England) http://www.??
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego with HONDA 650 XL.
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske. Met him 04.03.2000.
30.01.01 Send first email and asked for his block.
19.05.01 Send second email and asked for his block.

ca. 01.09.2001 - ca. 15.10.2001
Alcock, Nicklas (British)
Alaska-Patagonia Express. Nick and a friend try "a worldrecord attempt" with two HONDA Africa Twin RD 07. 15.000 miles to Usuhaia..
ca. 01.07.2001 1st contact. Bought 4 Tesch-Travel-Tasche 4.t
13.07.01 email asking for their block-view.

Mueller, Andrea and Bernie Zoebeli (Swiss)
Plan South- and North America with two BMW R 80G/S.
15.04.2001 1st information by

2001 ??
Ambrogio, Marco de
RTW traveller Manou Emringer met Marco in Finland.
Route: Alaska - Ushuaia and dann Japan - Northcape - Italy with BMW F650.
28.01.2002 1st information by Manou Emringer.
28.01.01 1st request for update.

Bauer, Gerald (born 1963)
1996 durch den Südwesten getourt.
Anfang 1998 las ich eine Anzeige im Tourenfahrer 'Alaska mit dem eigenen Motorrad' mit meiner Tel.-Vorwahl. So kam ich in den Genuss von Alaska und Kanada bis hinunter nach San Franzisko. Dabei lernte ich Gerd Stock kennen, der mich 1999 aufforderte, ihn auf seiner Panamericana zu begleiten.Das war zu spät, aber einem Treffen in Südamerika war ich nicht abgeneigt. Leider wurde daraus nichts, doch durch die Bekanntschaft mit Ute Furch aus Stuttgart und Werner Zwick auf Deinem Treffen kam ich doch nach Südamerika.
Meine XT steht jetzt in Chile und wartet auf meine nächste Tour. Werner
sowie vor ihm Gerd und Ellen Bauer sind mir auf der 'Panamericana in Etappen'
voraus und 'ebnen' mir den Weg (die illegale Einreise nach Panama und Costa
Rica muss ich Gerd und Ellen ja nicht unbedingt nachmachen ;-) .
Mein Ziel ist so in Richtung 2005 die USA zu erreichen um meine persönliche
Panamericana zu komplettieren sowie einige Freunde zu besuchen.
Und danach ? Wer weiss, welche Überraschungen meine XT für mich bereithält ?
Noch ein paar Dinge zu mir: ich bin Baujahr 1963, ca. 1,70m groß, rede viel
und suche ständig Mitfahrer für meine Etappen, die ich in meinen normalen
Jahresurlaub reinquetschen muss.
Du hast mich auf jedem Deiner Treffen (d.h. drei Mal) zum Abschied umarmt,
mit dem Ausdruck 'ich kenn Dich zwar, aber frage mich bitte nicht nach Deinem
Namen' im Gesicht (ginge mir nicht anderst, wenn Du nicht das Treffen
organisieren würdest).
30.04.2002 1st information. Gerald has been three times on the TTTreffen.
30.04.2002 1st request fro upadte

??.??.2000 - ??.??.2000
Stephen Rasmussen Dr. (American, born ??) .
Alaska -Tierra del Fuego. "Tip to Tip 2000". Sthephen rode solo from USA (San Francisco to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) and then down to Argentina (TDF). Then back to USA (Miami, Florida and home to California). How many km?? and different countries??t
He used a 1987 Honda XL for Alaska part of trip and a 1990 Honda XL600: NO complaints! Perfect for off-highway travel with 6 gallon gas tank.Honda Transalp 600 for the rest. Transalp: Only one small electrical problem.......wished I had a larger gas tank.
Best part: 3 months stay in Costa Rica and all of South America
Purpose of travel: ???
Route: Country by country. ??
Worst part: Getting sick in Peru
Useful tips for others: ??
Book or publication about your tour: ??
06 07.2002 1st emai from Stephen
06 07.2002 1st request for update.

01.02.2003 plus 1-2 years
Linnewedel, Claas (German, born 1980)
- Buenos Aires - Tierra del Fuego - Alaska and Australia or Afrikca. Claas plans to ride solo with a KTM LC 4. But Claas is looking for other travellers to travel with him. With the ship from Hamburg to Buenos Aires.On the motorcycle Buenos Aires - Tierra del Fuego - Alaska and Australia or Africa
Purpose of travel: To see what the world has to offer, mind expansion, experience for life, enjoying living outdoor, meeting different people, freedom, experience different cultures, many other things.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Small tour from Germany through Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and back.
27.11.02 1st contact
29.11.02 1st request for update.

01.04.2004 - >01.04.2005
Walenkamp, Gijs (Durch, born 19.10.1975, living in Germany in 2002)
no website yet
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Dutch engineer Gijs plans to ride solo from Alaska to Tierra del Fuegowith a Kawasaki KLR 650.
Purpose of travel: Fun. Meeting the interesting people. Travelling.
Route: Panamericana
06.2002 1st contact
29.09.2002 Gijs viseted Bernd Tesch for recommendation.

Schwarzenböck, Wolfgang aus Deutschland schrieb am 16.September 2002 um 20:06 Uhr:
Hallo Reisende, sind seit einigen Wochen zurück von unserer Tour Alaska - Feuerland. Meine Frau mit NX 250 und ich mit XT 500. Es war wirklich ein tolles Erlebnis. Haben 100 Filme geknipst und sind nun am auswerten. Wollen eine Diashow machen und evtl. auch ein Buch schreiben. Ich wünsche allen Reisenden alles gute und Durchstehvermögen. Wir würden am liebesten sofort wieder los.
Servus bis irgendwo z. b. Trujillo.
16.09.02 1st request for update
30.09.02 2nd request fro update
12.10.02 3rd request for update
29.11.02 4th request for update

Dick, Christian (German, born ???)
+ Alaska-Feuerland
Ca. 1985 Dia-Vortrag auf Tesch-Travel-Treffen:
Vorstellung von "Special Guests" auf der Bühne:
Andi Comes schrieb mir am 10.03.99 hinten auf einem Foto von sich: "Nach 6 Monaten von Calgary/Canada hier in Ushuaia/Südspitze von Süd-Amerika nach 26.000 km angekommen. Mein Flug ab Buenos Aires geht 25./26.03.99 und mache mich dann flott auf den Weg nach Malmedy".
04.2000 22 MFT Christian Dick hat vor 15 Jahren einen Dia-Vortag auf dem TTTreffen gehalten. Nord-, Mittel- und Süd-Amerika und hat sich seitdem niemehr gemeldet. Das Fernweh hat ihn aber nie mehr verlassen !
24.03.2003 1st request for update

First list with summaries in Internet about "Trans-America by Motorcycle".
I would be grateful if you could help to keep this update ! So far you find many language and grammar mistakes inside because of lack of time. Pardon. Will be corrected and updated with more Travellers in future.
1970 Start of search of Trans America-Travellers.
1992-1994 More intensive search because of my book "Motorrad Abenteuer" in work by phone, fax and personal visits.
1995 - 1997 First tries to find and contact America-Motorcycle-Travellers by email.
1998 Start of my webside. Not knowing what will come out of it in future.
02.1998: A part of this information you found already under > > German or Engl. version > News. Now changed to:
28.05.2000: Start of this collection first time in internet under > > German or Engl. version > continents > Americas by motorcycle.
01.08.2001 Visitor 50.000
31.10.2001 59.985 Bytes

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